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Bike Stories

Preventing saddle pain is how you do it

Mayy be a little careful with what we say in these #metoo times, but we mean it: we’re interested in your seat. Has Mother Nature provided you with a generous helping of sturdy buttocks, do you cultivate your neatly trained sporting poo or frolic around with a narrow chicken butt? No matter how well-built your butt, it deserves a custom saddle on your bike.

Saddle pain, pimples and sleeping willy’s

One of the most common injuries in cyclists is saddle pain. Novice cyclists often suffer from painful leg nodules during a long ride. Just because their bodies aren’t used to so much sudden friction. The inside of the femur can rub against the saddle, especially if you hobble long with a too narrow saddle over an irregular road surface. This irritates the skin and causes small abrasions or abrasions, from which sometimes even pimples come to squeak.

Untrained many kilometers times over the cobblestones can also cause numbness of the genitals. Without going into details, it seems as if your pronte masculinity after a solid ride becomes a lot less proud and even takes a nap. This is due to increased pressure on the nerve or on the blood vessels that supply the nerve. Fortunately, this is only temporary and the feeling returns quickly afterwards.

Tuned to perfection

With a well-tuned bike you don’t have to deal with those annoying ailments. No more pain in the ass! The right saddle height is important, so that your seat is stable and does not constantly slide over the saddle. The distance between saddle and handlebar should also be perfectly tailored to your body. Otherwise, you may bend over backwards or sit back and you will have to absorb extra pressure from the pubic area or back. The adjustments are so crucial that we determine them very accurately for you on our test bike.

Equally important is the right choice of saddle. That’s very different and personal for everyone. That’s why we are somewhat skeptical about other bike shops that offer standard bikes with saddles and all. Of course, you have a lot of saddles with gel and ‘padding’ that distribute the pressure under your weight, but your poo really deserves a well-adjusted saddle. That determines at least half of your cycling pleasure!

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Brooks, de Rolls-Royce voor je poep

The Rolls-Royce under the saddles are those of Brooks England. They are truly as comfortable and durable as they look! The company was founded in 1866 and for a century and a half the British designers have been designing the very best saddles for the passionate cycling freak.

You’ll recognize a Brooks saddle right away. It’s timeless: retro enough for the hip birds and at the same time very contemporary so that it fits perfectly with a modern bike. And – perhaps most importantly – it’s so solidly built that you may never have to replace such a saddle!

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Which model of saddle should you choose?

Come to build your bike at Fietsen Jurgen, you will notice that there really are many types of saddles. Maybe even more than you expect. Which model should you choose exactly? Fortunately, you don’t have to make that decision alone. We let our experience speak and like to give the right advice, because that important choice depends on several factors. Your physique and riding style, but also your posture while cycling and the model of your bike.

Make an appointment, we’d love to make time for you. Not only do we listen to your cycling experience, wishes and plans. We also measure everything very meticulously and during your test drive you will experience how natural the saddle feels and whether everything is fine.