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8 tips to avoid battery recovery costs

Bought a new e-bike? Congratulations! You enjoy it even more if you maintain the battery well, with knowledge. Issue of avoiding unnecessary costs. After all, the battery can be damaged if you charge it incorrectly. Here are 8 tips to stretch your battery life and avoid unnecessary recovery costs.

1. One battery is not the other

When you Google ‘battery e-bike maintenance’, you get dozens of tips on as many websites. A lot of people contradict each other. It makes sense because one battery is not the other. So when you buy your e-bike, always listen to the advice of the bike maker. He likes to tell you how to maintain your battery best. The tips below apply to all types.

2. Never drain the battery completely

In the past, it was best to completely use up your battery and then recharge from zero to one hundred percent. With a lithium battery, the opposite is true. Never go to zero, no battery likes this. Use your battery like your tablet or smartphone and charge it regularly.

3. A higher capacity battery is always better

The older a battery, the more it will wear out and lose capacity. Take that into account when purchasing. It’s best to choose the most powerful battery possible, so you can keep traveling long distances. That may cost a few hundred euros more once, but your battery will last much longer, so after a few years of intensive use, you won’t have to invest in a new battery. Pendix Batterij

4. Charge the battery about monthly

It’s best to discharge the battery a lot every month and then fully charge it. In fact, the battery contains software that ensures that all cells in the battery are charged the same amount. With a full charge, all cells are balanced again.

5. Keep the battery at low temperature

When you put your bike somewhere, it’s best to opt for a shady spot instead of the sun. At home, it’s also best to charge the bike in a place where it’s cool, like the garage. The lower the temperature, the longer the battery will last. Try to avoid temperatures below 4°C.

6. Store the battery with 40% charge during prolonged inactive use

Do you temporarily put your e-bike aside, for example during the winter? Keep the battery not only cool but also with a charge of around 40%. That’s what’s best for the cells. If you buy a new electric bike or battery, this standard is only 40% filled. The manufacturers do that for a reason. URBAN-ARROW-Cargo-9

7. Never lift the bike to the battery

No matter how robust a battery may look, it remains very fragile. Never lift the bike to the battery. Batteries are not made for this and can cause irreparable damage.

8. No guarantee of poor maintenance

Incorrect use of the battery is never covered by warranty, regardless of the bike insurance you have. As an owner or user, you will always be held responsible. So avoid disappointment and respect these tips as best you can. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you!