Our 7 resolutions for 2020?


Best wishes! Our new year’s resolutions: to make even more customers even happier. How do we do this? We are inspired by the numerous reviews you wrote about us last year.

Win time and let us arrange your bike leasing


An Belgian employee commutes 67 minutes per day, round-and-return. With a car or company car you can charge a lot of extra time. Especially if Waze sends you into the Antwerp or Brussels Ring or cheerfully drives you into the packed Kennedy Tunnel. And we are not even talking about the traditional road works that […]

Test drives, an absolute must!

Testrit met de urban arrow bakfiets

Would you ever buy a car on the face just because it looks so beautiful? Of course not. You want to know how the car feels, how fast it pulls up, how it takes the turns, and how comfortable it is.

Preventing saddle pain is how you do it

FIetsen Jurgen Zadel brooks

Mayy be a little careful with what we say in these #metoo times, but we mean it: we’re interested in your seat. Has Mother Nature provided you with a generous helping of sturdy buttocks, do you cultivate your neatly trained sporting poo or frolic around with a narrow chicken butt? No matter how well-built your […]