'We love pinion'

Your gearbox directly around the bottom bracket

The gigantic Porsche factory stretches between the forests and fields near Stuttgart. The best engineers in the world work on the fastest vehicles in highly secured departments. Among them: Christoph Lerman and Michael Schmitz. Two young engineers who design gearboxes for exclusive cars.

The designers are passionate about technology and bicycles. Because they are both avid mountain bikers. What would it be, they think in 2016, if we convert the gearbox of a Porsche to fit our bike?

The different Pinion models

P-Line transmissions are the central element on premium bikes in the high-end segment.
They are an expression of technical fascination in the purest form.
Highly accurate shifting based on the model of advanced automotive transmission technology
in a carefully crafted aluminum housing.



The P1.18 is a reliable companion on all continents and under the harshest conditions. Extreme climates, rock walls, sand, water, and many thousands of operational kilometers cannot harm the P1.18.



The new P1.12 conquers the paths of the world. This 12-speed gearbox is optimized for use in MTB and touring.

P1.9 XR


The lightweight P1.9XR transmission makes fast e-bikes even better. The larger bandwidth of the P1.9XR is also ideal for MTB routes with rapidly changing terrain topography.

P1.9 CR


The Pinion P1.9 CR fits perfectly for touring, urban, and pedelec. You can also perfectly combine the bucket with a steam engine at the back of the Pedelec. The smart power sequence of pedaling power and engine power protects the drive components from the increased load.

The embodiment of German technology and high-quality drive technology in a compact and ultra-light housing.
Also in the C-Line, pinion drive technology is modeled after the advanced car drive technology.
And so the C-Line also stands for long-term reliability.
Switching as carefree and intuitive as cycling itself.



Daily commute, a fun ride on weekends or alpine cross on the mountain bike. With a total gear ratio of no less than 600%, the C1.12 transmission surpasses modern derailleurs.


The 9-speed Pinion C1.9 XR provides a range of 568%. You switch quickly and efficiently through the big acceleration steps of 24.3%. Especially in combination with powerful rear-wheel-electric motors, the C1.9 XR is at its best.


Switch first and then get on! With the Pedelec, this correct order is important. The combination of the engine in the back and the Pinion gearbox in the middle ensures smooth operation and is soft for driving.

How does a Pinion work?

Adapted for belt or chain.

Always switch fast.

Choose the gear in your favorite color.

Available in 6, 9, 12 or even 18 gears.

The outsider of the gearboxes

Not mounted in the rear wheel like traditional gears, but nicely between the pedals. The best conceivable place actually because the full pedaling force is absorbed and directly converted into movement. The system is also more compact.

The principle is simple

The pedals set the crankshaft in motion with two sprockets on it that rotate a third on another axle. When you shift, you keep turning a different gear, with teeth farther or closer together. The combination determines your acceleration. This way you can skip a few gears when shifting. Even when you are standing still.

Always a high return

The shifting steps between each gear are exactly the same. No gear has a low efficiency or makes the chain or belt wear out faster. In addition, the transmission achieves a solid ratio bandwidth of more than 630%: so you have the perfect gear for every situation. Uphill and downhill.

Completely closed

Cycle through mud, sand, water, and snow. The sealed gearbox can withstand anything.

Developed in the automotive industry

The best car technology translated into the best bicycle. Quality guaranteed.

Split construction

A Pinion consists of two parts. This way you get fine and equal switching steps.

Huge range

The Pinion P1.18 achieves a range of no less than 636%. Perfect for any situation, anywhere in the world.

Low maintenance

The oversized ball bearings run in an oil bath. This way you always have a durable bottom bracket.

No loss

All power is transferred directly to movement in the Pinion. Without energy loss.

Always under control

Switching is done silently and smoothly. With one turn of the lever, you are in the right gear.

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Pinion's story

Weissach, the valhalla of the German car freak. The giant Porsche site stretches between the woods and fields near Stuttgart. Tightly guarded buildings for production, research and development, a fast car track for test drives and even a Porsche museum. In the high-tech departments, the world’s best engineers tinker with the fastest cars.

Among them: Christoph Lerman and Michael Schmitz. Two young talented engineers designing gearboxes for the expensive sports cars. Always better, more powerful and more durable. Not only are both colleagues passionate about their work, they are also both avid mountain bikers, about which they can not remain silent in the afternoon in the canteen.

From Fireland to Alaska

Ali Kamran cycled from Fireland to Alaska. 33,105 kilometers with a Pinion on his bike.