Ghislaine met de Velo de Ville fiets
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Bike Stories

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‘It’s great to be able to test out my Velo De Ville for a whole day in my own region’

She was always so sorry. Her whole family lives nearby, but she could never get there by bike. Because Ghislaine (67) lives in the hilly Dworp, with slopes so steep that she always had to take the car. Or could she control those altimeters on an e-bike? Only one way to find out: Cycling Jurgen lent her a test bike. So she could test her Velo De Ville in her own region for a whole day.

If you don’t know exactly who knows Dworp, you might know the ‘Brown Well’. An infamous climb that makes it difficult for the riders every year in the cycling classic De Brabantse Pijl. 66 altimeters at 800 meters, good for a sprint of 8.2% uphill. And that slope is by no means the only one in the region.

It’s a beautiful region, though. That’s why Ghislaine’s lived there her whole life. Like her family, within cycling distance nearby. Although ‘cycling distance’ is misleading. “Especially when you’re 67,” Ghislaine smiles. ‘Then you won’t just get over those hills on two wheels.’

Looking for a new e-bike

‘I get hit by car everywhere, but some exercise certainly doesn’t hurt,’ says Ghislaine. ‘My family doctor also advised me to start cycling. Without exaggeration though, I have to be careful with my heart.’

Fortunately for Ghislaine, e-bikes now exist in all sizes and weights. Maybe that was a solution. She ambitiously went to Jurgen’s bikes for advice. Could she have a safe e-bike assembled, one with a powerful engine, strong enough to cross the hills smoothly?

In the shop, she was immediately charmed by a bike of Velo De Ville. An elegant model, full hairstyle. ‘But my electric bike shouldn’t just be beautiful. Is the engine powerful enough to cycle all over Dworp? That’s what it’s all about.’

Testing in-house

She had read on the website about the importance of a good test drive. But the flat river landscape in and around Mechelen is somewhat different from the steep hills of its Flemish-Brabant heimat. “Great alike,” said Cycling Jurgen. ‘Take the bike home for a day and cycle it around in your own area.’

It was a day she would never forget. From morning to evening, Ghislaine cycled around, having coffee with the whole family. From house to house, all proud with the bike. Slope after slope. With even a safe feeling in all descents. ‘What a huge freedom!’ She enjoyed a whole day, even though she was already sold at the top of the very first slope. Ghislaine certainly knew: ‘this is going to be my new bike.’


The nice thing: she could give her bike her own character. ‘I’d used to get styled, I’m an autumn type.’ The best cycling colour that suits a fussy and elegant autumn type like Ghislaine: wine red. That color immediately jumped out of all the color swatches.

It was a beautiful moment when Ghislaine came to pick up her finished bike: the unique colour simply suited her perfectly. Vanessa, herself a stylist and quite critical when it comes to style, was as much in the clouds as she was herself.

The Velo De Ville that she had put together is also very safe. Thanks to the low step, Ghislaine doesn’t have to lift her feet too high to get on the bike. “Very handy,” she delicately judges. ‘This way I can use the bike for a long time. Even later, when I’m old.’

Reflective hats, made in Dwort

Ghislaine has a golden heart. When her nephew went to snow classes with his entire class, she had knitted him a special gift. A nice warm hat, very safe beside. Because in the hat she had subtly incorporated reflection thread. For example, the hat lights up conspicuously when light shines on it in the dark.

‘But I didn’t just want my nephew to be able to ski down the mountain safely,’ Ghislaine adds. ‘Even his friends in the class can’t be safe enough. That’s why I knitted a lot of hats, a separate one for each student in his class.’

Vanessa muts overdagVanessa muts snachts

For sale in our shop

With so many hats in his fingers, you can call Ghislaine an expert. We thought it was a great idea ourselves, those hats. And thought that our customers on their bikes could also use such a warm reflective hat. That’s why we offer unique hats for sale in our bike shop. In two sizes: for children and adults.

And of course custom-built: choose the hat in the color that best matches your new bike. Discover the colorful hats in our store. All of them lovingly knitted by Ghislaine, handmade by an enthusiastic cyclist, somewhere among the beautiful hills of Dword.

Personal composition of the bike

Ghislaine chose a Velo De Ville type women’s bike. In the wine red, with Bosch Performance engine and sling brakes.


  • Brand: Velo de Ville
  • Type: AEB 490
  • Color: Wine red
  • Motor: Bosch Performance
  • Drive: Carbon Gates CDX Belt
  • Acviation: Enviolo N380
  • Remmes: Shimano disc brakes
  • Light: powerful LED lighting
  • Accessoires: Panniers