Bike Stories

Bike Stories

Win time and let us arrange your bike leasing

An Belgian employee commutes 67 minutes per day, round-and-return. With a car or company car you can charge a lot of extra time. Especially if Waze sends you into the Antwerp or Brussels Ring or cheerfully drives you into the packed Kennedy Tunnel. And we are not even talking about the traditional road works that colour our Belgian summers or the sudden winter jab that turns our motorways into slow roads.

Logously so that more and more people are looking for an alternative. If it used to be four other wheels, from trams or buses, they are now thinking more quickly of two. The infrastructure is starting to get better – give the person who invented the bike ostrades a statue! -, also the range of two-wheelers has never been more wide. It should come as no surprise that the sales of reliable quality bikes and e-bikes are on the rise. And we can only applaud something like that!

Arguments to convince your management

Isn’t it time for you to switch to a good bike? Before you do that in your own pouch, talk to your employer about it. Bike leasing doesn’t just sound trendy, it’s really becoming more established. Many companies offer this nowadays. Or they are open to it and are only waiting for you to start with this in concrete terms. Because bike leasing only has advantages.

  • socio-ecological: much better for the environment and you avoid wasting time due to traffic jams
  • extra space in the car park
  • yen comes fresher, experiences less stress and there is less absenteeism
  • fiscal benefit: tax-free mileage allowance up to 23 cents per kilometre
  • in no expensive maintenance of your car
  • s not expensive fuel
  • investment in cycling infrastructure such as bicycle sheds, showers and changing rooms are a whopping 120% deductible.
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Administrative support from A to Z

Switching to the bike or an e-bike can really change your life. It is healthier, both physically and mentally, more aware, more social, more inspiring. You just get a lot more out of your day, your week, your life. It fits perfectly with our philosophy: ‘Live your most beautiful life’ is not just in cows of letters on our wall. We are very happy to help you to switch quickly.

Once you have convinced your employer to do bike leasing, jump into our home. We will guide you through the entire administrative process. Vanessa arranges all the paperwork, Jurgen and Olivier build your perfect bike together with you with which you can kick into a new, stress-free chapter in your life.

Fietsen Jurgen winkel

Come and visit us spontaneously or make an appointment. Then we will explain to you what the possibilities are, how exactly we work, what will come with it and against when we have built your new bike.

See you soon in our store!