Bike Stories

Bike Stories

Our 7 resolutions for 2020?

Bemost wishes! Our new year’s resolutions: to make even more customers even happier. How do we do this? We’re inspired by the numerous reviews you wrote about us last year


Help you even more professionally

‘Friendly welcome. Agreements correctly observed. Exceptionally good professional knowledge. Maintenance of my bike has been thoroughly done at a reasonable price. Highly recommended if you are looking for a decent bike with a good service after-sales.’
– G. Maerevoet, 17/01/2019

‘After years of sucking from one screw-up to another, we ended up at Fietsen Jurgen via Urban Arrow. What a breath of fresh air! Our cargo bike is tip top delivered in order, the maintenance is thorough and smooth. People with expertise, a pleasure to visit .
J. Smeets, 17/06/2019


You’re even friendlier

‘When you enter this cosy and super-beautifully decorated bike shop, you will always be greeted very kindly by Jurgen, Vanessa and Olivier.’
A. Vanovermeire, 20/12/19

Altheden years we have been customers of Fietsen Jurgen. We are always warmly and kindly welcomed in their beautiful shop. When we bought a new bike we received expert explanations. Jurgen is a real craftsman. The repairs of our bicycles are also always done very quickly and expertly .
G. Lernout, 30/11/2019

‘Since a month I have my new electric bike from the brand Achilles, en Emma. I’ve never been happier with a bike, I’m invented everything to be able to ride a bike. Partly because of Vanessa who helped me super well in putting it together. Fantastic woman, by the way, where there’s never a question too much and where you’re not being hunted, another cup of tea with cookies and you don’t even notice you’re in a store, you’re so comfortable with her.”
A. Guérin, 19/09/2019

‘Fietsen Jurgen is a very nice place but above all customer friendliness, helpfulness and good service are in 1st place here! Thanks for the good help and repairs to my bike. I am a very satisfied customer!’
V. Weuts, 17/04/2019

Fietsen Jurgen team | jurgen, vanessa, olivier

Being even more ourselves, with even better solutions

“When I started to know the current generation, I noticed that they were equally efficient, thoughtful, serious and reliable; Since I went to Jurgen Fietsen, I have always been helpfully helped, with equal reliability, sérieux, friendliness, and still democratic prizes. They will never get rich there because these people are no longer of this time where only the money counts, but where the human side always keeps permeating.’
L. Cerrens, 21/11/2019

‘Loyal customers for years. At cycling Jurgen we found quality bikes and finally a more than reliable maintenance and repair service. But their real asset: the kindness, the human touch and the solution-oriented approach that you find with every employee. Top address.”
A. Ulenaers, 17/03/2019


Get even more test drives

‘It’s a nice business with professionals. If you have a problem with your bike and it is urgent, they will always try to take you in. Buy a new bike but try it first? No problem with them. This is service…’
M. Tierens, 17/01/2019

‘I recently bought a new electric bike (Urban Arrow Shorty). Before the purchase I was able to do a test drive (with the long version) and I was able to ask extensive questions about what was/was not possible. I also received the necessary documentation and after deliberation I decided to order. My experience is that you are very pleasant, friendly, professional,… and it’s like you’ve been a customer there for years.’
G. Boer, 25/09/2019

‘Both when buying a new bike, as well as maintenance or questions, the trio will always be very friendly and passionate. It’s nice that there is room for consultation before certain things are changed, so you don’t get any surprises when pick up after repair. We are loyal and satisfied customers!’
A. Van den bergh, 26/11/2019

fietsen jurgen workshop

Make even more time for you

‘A wonderful place to buy your bike: very friendly service, helpful, beautiful shop to look around in. Jurgen, Vanessa and Olivier like to take time for the customers. Extensive range of decent bikes of all kinds. Even in the workshop for the bicycle repair, it is pleasant to stay. When repaired, you can easily get an (electric) loan bike. Handy!’
– H. De Bondt, 21/11/2019

‘I recently bought a bike from Cycling Jurgen and I’m very pleased with the service I got there. Correct explanation and I also got time to think about my purchase. It is also possible to test out several bikes. Still important because a decent bike does cost some money. (…) As far as possible, they also try to carry out small repairs quickly because in the repair service of the store it is always very busy. So making an appointment pays off. Meanwhile, my husband also bought a bike from the same brand.’
– S. Caluwaerts, 22/09/2019


Advise you even better about the bike to your size

‘A great place to put a bike together, depending on your needs, perfect service and very solid equipment! Highly recommended!’
M. Augustine, 17/06/2019

“For my son’s birthday, we came to see for a bicycle cart. Both Vanessa and Jurgen took all the time to look for the most suitable cart and also provided good tips for each type of cart, so you can make the right choice more easily. They also gave us time to think about it. greetings from a satisfied customer.
A. Vanovermeire, 20/12/19

‘Even without making an appointment beforehand, I was very professionally supervised in choosing my bike. This allowed me to test a few specimens, until I quickly found a bike whose frame, handlebar, saddle, … were tailor-made for me. I still notice that every time I put my feet on the pedals. Thank you to this top team!’
S. Inc, 17/07/2019


Protect our competitive price quality even better

‘Are you looking for excellent service? Price-quality a topper? Then you have at the right place at Fietsen Jurgen! In addition to the fast and correct repair service of our old bikes, we were also impressed by the information we received when purchasing a new bike.’
X. Van Welden, 17/06/2019

‘I had a defect in my electric cargo bike with automatic gears. Other bike shops couldn’t help me. Cycling Jurgen could do this for a reasonable price. Thank you.”
L. Willemse, 17/06/2019

These reviews make us really happy and proud!
You can read all the reviews on google or come along and find out for ourselves why we’re getting all these nice responses.

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