Typical Santos! (But a little less known.)

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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link: on a top bike, only top quality parts belong. Not only the large pieces such as the frame, the drive, or the wheels. You also demand superior quality from any other part, no matter how small. From spoke to bridge to cable guides.

5 misunderstandings about belt drive


Bicycles with belts instead of chains have been around for ten years! The very first copy rolled off the workbench at the Santos factory in 2009. What seemed like a strange experiment at the time is now a worthy alternative to the necklace. With a lot of advantages.

Our 7 resolutions for 2020?


Best wishes! Our new year’s resolutions: to make even more customers even happier. How do we do this? We are inspired by the numerous reviews you wrote about us last year.

How far do I cycle with my battery?


How far can I cycle with a full battery? This question we hear most often in our store when customers come to a new e-bike. Rightly so, of course, the range of your battery largely determines your cycling pleasure. We went all the way to the Santos factory near Amsterdam and presented this question to […]

Unique Stories, Will & Monique C.

‘Amazing how quickly the breakdown with our Santos e-bike was resolved from a great distance’ They are perhaps the sportiest couple in all of Hombeek. Monique

Santos Test Center Belgium

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It’s obvious that we love Santos. Otherwise, you don’t start a store in custombuilt bikes. Everything about this brand is clobbering. The passion for cycling, the almost maniacal standard of 100% top quality. The fun, the challenge, the constant search for the perfect bike. We believe in this so much that we have invested in a Santos Test Center. The very first in all of Belgium!

9 Santos traits few people know

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No matter how you spin it or turn it around, Santos remains a strange duck in the bite. A nice quirky cycling brand that goes its own way without compromise.

Pinion : a Porsche in your bike

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Weissach, the valhalla of the German car freak. The giant Porsche site stretches between the woods and fields near Stuttgart. Tightly guarded buildings for production, research and development, a fast car track for test drives and even a Porsche museum.