Privacy Policy

The privacy statement was last updated on 17-3-2020. Version 2020.01 is part of Cycling Jurgen.


We take the privacy of personal data very seriously. Your personal information will only be used for your access to the website, the sending of the newsletter and relevant information if desired.

Ain addition, your data can serve as a basis for research into possibilities for further optimising our services. The personal data are anonymized in this context and are then no longer traceable to an individual person.

Fietss Jurgen strives to comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and makes every effort to protect your privacy where possible.

This privacy policy applies to the website, products and services of Bicycle Jurgen You should be aware that Cycling Jurgen is not responsible for the privacy policy of other sites and sources. By using our website you indicate that you accept the privacy policy.

Protection of personal data

Use for our services

When you purchase services or products from us, we ask you to provide personal data. This data is used to provide the services. The data is stored on our own secure servers: WebChamp B.V., Enormail B.V., Luondo B.V., Exact Holding N.V., TinTel B.V. (, Mollie B.V., and We will not combine this information with any other personal information available to us.


When you send email or other messages to us, we may retain those messages. Sometimes we ask you for your personal information that is relevant to the relevant situation. This makes it possible to process your questions and answer your requests. The data is stored on webchamp B.V.’s own secure servers. We will not combine this data with any other personal information available to us. If you wish, you can request access to your data.


We do not collect or use information for purposes other than those described in this privacy policy unless we have obtained your consent in advance.


With this type of service, user data can be used for advertisements and communications that appear in the form of banners and other advertisements on, which may be based on the interest of the user.

This does not mean that all personal data is used for this purpose. Information and terms of use are shown below.

Determinate services indicated below may use cookies to identify users or they may apply a behavioral retargeting technique, i.e. displaying advertisements that target the interest and behavior of the user, even outside For more information, please read the privacy policy of the services in question.

In addition to an opt-out offered by the services below, the User may choose to disable the use by a third of cookies for certain advertising features. For that, visit the opt-out page of the Network Advertising Initiative.

User’s can also opt out of certain advertising features through the applicable device settings, such as the ad settings on the device itself for mobile phones or ad settings in general.

Facebook Audience Network (Facebook, Inc.)

Facebook Audience Network is an ad service offered by Facebook, Inc. Seach Facebook’s data policy for more information about Facebook’s use of data.

Cyclist Jurgen can use IDs for mobile devices (including the Android Advertising ID or Advertising Identifier for iOS) and cookies similar technology to make the Facebook Audience Network service work. One of the ways Audience Network shows ads is by using the user’s ad preferences. The User can customize this in the ad settings on Facebook.

Users may opt out of certain audience network targeted ads through the applicable mobile phone advertising settings on the device or by following the directions in other Audience Network-related provisions in this privacy policy, if any.

Collected Personal Data: Cookie, Usage Data, and Unique Advertising Devices Identification (Google Advertiser ID or IDFA, for example).

Processing location: US – Privacy policy Opt Out. Privacy Shield Participant.

What data do we store?

If you purchase a service or product from Cycling Jurgen, the following information will be requested during the order. We store this data, namely; first name, last name, address, zip code, city name, country, email address, phone number and IP address from where the order was made. Additional for companies is added: company name, kvk number (optional), VAT number (optional).

At subscribe to our newsletter, only first name, last name, email address and IP address are stored.

Paying us with a payment of the order or invoice, a reference will be stored to an external payment system such as PayPal or iDEAL. If you give us a direct debit authorization, we will also keep the specified IBAN number, BIC and Bankname with your details.

Cyclist Jurgen uses automatically generated data for statistical purposes as well as for the security and improvement of Bicycles and related websites.

Members on our member sites., a username and password are active. These cannot be traced back to personal data. Passwords are stored encrypted in a way that we too cannot read them. That means that if a new password is sent by the system when a new password is requested.

Right of processing

We process personal data on one of the following legal bases in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

  • Consent
  • On the basis of an agreement or in the run-up to the conclusion of an agreement
  • In connection with a legitimate interest

We may only process your personal data on the basis of one of the legal bases set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The three legal bases on which Jurgen’s bicycles are based are:


If we have asked you for permission to process your personal data and you have granted this consent, you will always have the right to revoke this consent. You can do that by contacting

Agreement or in the run-up to the conclusion of an agreement

If we enter into an agreement with you, we may have to process your personal data, such as your contact information,

Warranted interest

We may also process personal data if we have a legitimate interest and therefore do not disproportionately infringe your privacy. If you object, please let us know at

Data Security

All data is stored on servers that meet strict security standards and are protected from unauthorized misuse and access. We have taken various technical measures to ensure that personal data is safely transferred and stored. This includes:

  • Data is always transferred over HTTPS (SSL);
  • S firewall protected servers are used;
  • Reprantagreements between us and third parties.

Retention data

The data collected by Cycling Jurgen is used and stored for the duration as stipulated by law. In principle, we will keep all the information you send us as long as you are a customer with us and do not indicate that you want to cancel the order or you want to write out the newsletter. You have unlimited access to most of the products you purchase, which means that your user account must remain in place to ensure that access.

Why do we share personal data with?

Our information is not shared with third parties unless necessary to provide the services. The exception to this is web applications that we use for the purposes of our website and business operations. This includes: Email marketing software and Support ticket system and Facebook. The data shared with these web applications will only be used for the purpose of the application in question and will not be disseminated further.

Evere the information can be shared internally in some cases. Our employees are required to respect the confidentiality of your information and are subject to a non-disclosure agreement.

Personal Data Choices

We offer our customers the opportunity to view, change and in consultation delete personal information that was currently provided to us. Removal can only be done on request.

A.E./write out news emails/general emails

Seonder any general mail the ability to modify your data or opt out. Opting out of these types of emails is separate from receiving our emails for invoices and access data and server management notifications, which we should be able to continue to send anyway.

A.E.A./Unsubscribe communication

If you want to modify your data or have yourself taken out of our files, please contact us via You also have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Look at