'Discover the Pendix engine'

A quiet mid-engine thanks to the brushless system.

A mid-engine without adjusting the frame.

When you turn off the engine, this engine hardly gives any resistance.

Water and dust resistant design, ideal for travel here and on the go.

Due to limited cabling, this system is extremely reliable.

All settings and info right in your Smartphone.

Powerful in its simplicity

A powerful motor that turns your bike into a fast e-bike. That is Pendix: an extremely reliable and durable mid-engine with adapted software for a greater range. Choose from three speeds for pedal assistance. And quickly remove the battery from your bike after cycling, just like a drinking bottle.

Silent mid-engine​

Small but powerful: The Pendix eDrive is barely 3 cm deep and has a diameter of less than 30 cm. It is compact and powerful thanks to its clutch of 65 Nm. The drive is done without gears, so there are no mechanical particles that can wear out. This makes the engine completely maintenance-free and silent.

Battery in 3 sizes

The battery is available in three sizes.
The Pendix ePower300 is the standard and is more than sufficient for most bicycles.
If you want extra power on your bike, you can go for the larger ePower 500.
If you choose a lighter battery for your folding bike, for example, the ePower 150 may already suffice.

Pendix ePower 150

Pendix ePower 300

Pendix ePower 500

1 button, 3 positions

You control the support of your Pendix with a single button on the battery. You can choose from three modes: eco, smart, or sport. And no hassle with cables and loose parts: you just click the battery onto your frame, just like a drinking bottle in your holder, and you can leave immediately. Useful!


Did you turn on your Pendix? In eco mode, you seem to be cycling without pedal assistance. The support is minimal. This of course gives you a much greater range. Up to 75% extra.
Application examples
Flat sections, longer tours, physical training for non-professionals, …


The smartest of the three modes. Pendix gives you strength when you need it. The acceleration feels quite nice, like an extra boost. Up to 150% on top of your own pedaling power.
Application examples
Urban traffic, gentle slopes, gravel roads


Make the most of your Pendix and fly ahead. The Pendix gets you going surprisingly quickly and propels your bike forward. On any kind of surface. Up to 200% assistance on top of your pedaling power.

Application examples
Mountains, steep slopes, loose soil, strong headwind

The Pendix app

How long will your battery last? You can see that immediately on the Pendix.bike PRO app. The app is connected to your Pendix via Bluetooth so that it generates a lot of data. Driving data: the average speed, distance, and duration. But also the level of support, so that you can adjust your battery perfectly for the rest of the ride. The navigation function is also handy, so you don’t have to use a separate app. You can see everything at a glance.

A Pendix on your Santos

Upgrade your Santos to a powerful e-bike?
The bike is already equipped for this. Together with Pendix, Santos developed its own PX-power bikes: ‘Pendix for Santos’. Quality assured!

100,000 km guaranteed

The quality can be deprecied by the factory warranty. Santos gives a 100,000 kilometer or 5 year warranty on its ‘Pendix for Santos’ engine. That which comes first from both. The warranty applies to every Santos PX e-bike you order from Bike Stories.

Santos PX software

With the included Santos PX software you get the best out of your battery. In the app, you control consumption and keep track of your data from cycling. This gives you an even greater range in the Eco and Smart modes. You can even dim the lighting of your battery.

In 58 different colours

The eye wants something, too. Don’t just choose the color of your custombuilt Santos bike. The battery is also available in the 58 Santos frame colours. The battery is painted in exactly the same way as the frame, so that it matches perfectly with your bike. Or, of course, you’re going for contrast.

A Pendix on your regular bike

A Pendix fits most bike frames.
This way you can transform almost any bike into an electric bike.
Without too much intervention. Bring your bike into our store and we’ll see how we can make your bike electric.


We get these questions regularly….

You never know the exact range. Because the range of an e-bike depends on many factors. Experience shows that the range of a Pendix battery of 500Wh is between 25 and 100 km. Do you want to continue cycling? Take an extra battery with you in the All-purpose holder or your bicycle bag. Then you are always safe.

There is no gear transmission in the Pendix eDrive motor. As a result, you hardly feel any resistance when you switch off the battery. The pedaling resistance with the engine switched off corresponds to that of a hub dynamo and is therefore barely perceptible.

If you leave your Pendix aside for a while, it is best to store it in a dry room with temperatures well above freezing. Pendix recommends that you charge the battery to 50 to 80 percent and check its condition at least every 12 weeks.

With the Pendix eDrive you can drive up to 25 km / h. It comes with a speed sensor attached to the rear wheel. Together with the wheel size set in the electronics by Pendix, the Drive detects when the speed is greater than 25 km / h. Then he carefully switches off the engine mount.

Santos developed its own e-bike system together with Pendix, which can be recognized by the “Pendix for Santos” logo. Every Santos PX e-bike is made in the Santos factory in the Netherlands. A finished bicycle thus meets all strict factory standards. Quality guaranteed.

The warranty period for the Pendix eDrive is 2 years from the date of installation. For the special “Pendix for Santos,” this is even 5 years or 100,000 km. That which comes first. This special warranty only applies to PX batteries that come from the Santos workshop, recognizable by the “Pendix for Santos” logo. If you buy your Santos PX e-bike at Fietsen Jurgen, you are always entitled to this.

Of course! That is one of the strengths of Santos bikes. Contact us and we will turn your Santos bike into a powerful Santos e-bike.