'Pay with a smile'

How do you like to deal with it?

You pay for your personal bike with a smile. We’ll do anything for that. That’s why you can choose how to arrange the invoice. Cash, with card, with ecocheques or via leasing? Anything is possible.

Pay with your card

Pay with bank card: fast and safe. Up to 50 euros can even be contactless on most cards. Please note that bank cards have a limit, per day and per week. If you want to pay for your new bike, you should have the limit raised in advance in your bank. That could take up to 48 hours. With a credit card, the limit is often higher.

Pay with your smartphone

Pay right away with your phone. You can scan the QR code or hold your (android smartphone) against the payment terminal. All payments under 25 euros happen immediately, for larger payments you can easily enter your PIN code.

Check out the bike loans

Did you know that you can take out a loan for your bike? With a bicycle leasing you spread the purchase in time. Convenient, quickly arranged, and the rates are super-advantageous! And the good thing is: from the first payment you are already on your new dream bike.

Wondering? Do a simulation.

Pay thanks to your friends

Maybe they gave you a gift check. Is there a better gift than a piece of unique bike? You can buy gift vouchers for the amount you want. Imagine what beautiful cycling experiences will give you the lucky ones!

Pay with ecocheques

Paying with eco-cheques is not a problem. Please note that we only accept the digital version.