'Unique stories'

Unique people with unique stories on unique bikes

Every cyclist is unique. With a life of its own, a personality and a story of its own. Therefore, no bike is the same. Every copy that rolls out of our store is different. Personally composed, completely customized. In this way we help unique cyclists with unique bikes.

That’s also why we are so wild about custombuilt. Our ambition: we build the bike you deserve. A bike written on your body, with your character and your personality. We specialize in that. Vanessa is a qualified styling expert, Jurgen converts your cycling wish into cycling technology. Olivier immediately knows which parts fit you.

Unique cyclists on unique bikes have unique stories. So beautiful that we like to tell them. To share their pleasure, to inspire you. And encourage you to write your own bike story.

The Urban Arrow from Glynis

A second child changes family life, as Glynis experienced. Seven months ago her son Loewie, three and a half years old, got a little brother Zjef. “As a young family, you are obliged to do everything by car. That’s a shame, we thought. So we bought an Urban Arrow, a cargo bike for the whole family. It feels great to be able to cycle again. “

Her unique bicycle

Monique and Will's Santos

They are perhaps the sportiest couple in all of Hombeek. Monique (72) and Will (69) bought a Santos e-bike in 2018. With this, they go into the mountains twice a year. Once it went wrong: Will’s battery suddenly faltered. “There we were on a remote campsite,” says Monique. “With a technical problem that you can’t fix quickly. We thought. Bike Stories solved it surprisingly quickly. “

Their unique bikes

The Velo de Ville from Ghislaine

She always thought it was such a shame. Her whole family lives nearby, but she was never able to cycle there. Because Ghislaine (67) lives in the hilly Dworp, with slopes so tough that she always had to go by car. Or could she conquer those altimeters on an e-bike? But one way to find out: Cycling Jurgen lent her a test bike. So that she could test her Velo De Ville in her own region, all day long.

Her unique bicycle

Joyce and Jan's Achielle bikes

It started as yet another strange hobby of his brother Wout. But Jan and his girlfriend Joyce also became fascinated by the bees. So they took a beekeeper course together and started with his three ‘Apikulture’ on: (h)honest honey from the region. For two years, the couple commuted between their hives in Kontich and Sint-Katelijne-Waver, always by car. This is what they’re doing with their new Achielle. A bike that suits them perfectly. And with their bees.

Their unique bikes