What memories will you create with
your dream bike...

You may have already experienced this...

There you are in the bike store, ready for a new bike. Which one are you going to choose?
So many brands, types and models, so many options. But none of them is exactly what you want.

Because the color is too dark, the frame is too small, the gears aren’t right.
Or you may want a modified handlebar, a wider saddle and different brakes.
There is something missing of wrong on every bike: you will always have to give in on something.

Custombuilt: your dream bike without compromise

The solution for every bicycle enthusiast: custom-built bicycles. Your personal dream bike tailored to your needs.
No more concessions: you choose everything yourself. Frame, drivetrain, saddle, brakes.
The best accessories to suit you. And in the color you want.

Do you prefer to drive through the woods or especially along the main track? Sporty or calmer?
Uphill or false flat? We put your bike together on who you are and how you ride.

This way you have your unique, personally assembled bicycle. A bicycle with character. A bike for life.

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Imagine ...

Every person is different, everyone is different. Has different preferences, has a different physique. Has different wishes about the bike and also a different riding style. That's why custom built is so important. Every passionate cyclist deserves his own top bike, completely tailored to his needs.

Take your dream bike out for a spin: incredible!

Everything is ready in our test center so that you can extensively test your dream bike. This way you are 100% sure of the composition. Your partner can also go on a test ride: we are happy to prepare a separate bicycle for him or her.

On a test drive, you thoroughly try out all parts: your own route or one that we have already pre-programmed on our GPS. We adjust the bike to your use, with optional extra panniers and weights. A suitable saddle and the right pedals.

At the Santos Test Center, we have the full range of Santos in the house. And also test bikes from other top brands such as Achille, Velo de Ville, Koga, Urban Arrow, and Brompton.

What you experience during a test drive

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Make an appointment and save time

You don’t put together the bike of your life in one-two-three. Just like us, take the time and make an appointment.
This way you don’t have to wait in the store and you immediately get all the attention.
We have different types of agreements, from introduction to composition. Select what fits best and be welcome!

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Only benefits

"With both sons on my Urban Arrow I rediscovered cycling pleasure"

As a young family with two children, you are obliged to do everything by car, Glynis experienced. Until she bought an electric cargo bike with her boyfriend. The Urban Arrow Family changed her family life.

- Glynis M.
"Amazing how quickly the breakdown with our Santos e-bike was solved from a great distance"

There you are, on a remote campsite in the South of France. With a faltering battery on a cycling holiday, and you're only halfway there. Monique and Will were there. "You won't get something like that fixed on 1-2-3," they feared. "But Jurgen resolved this surprisingly quickly."

- Will & Monique C.
"Great to be able to test my Velo De Ville for a whole day in my own region"

Ghislaine (67) lives in the beautiful, hilly Dworp. She had wanted an electric bicycle for years, but could it handle the tough slopes? There was only one way she could find out. By testing the e-bike on site. She did, all day long.

- Ghislaine L.
"On our Achielle we cycle with all our conveniences whistling to our bees"

For two years they commuted between their hives in Kontich and Sint-Katelijne-Waver, always by car. But that was not in line with their green vision. So beekeepers Joyce and Jan each bought an Achielle. Handy bikes that suit them completely. And with their bees.

- Joyce en Jan
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This makes us happy

Lars De Groote
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"An electric bike. I thought, "Why not?" Based on the reviews, I arrived at Fietsen Jürgen, and I didn't complain for a second. On the contrary, Vanessa will guide you step by step until you get to the perfect match. And that match is here: my i:SY has been my fat friend since day one. Class matter. Keep up the good work."
I remember it well, you were looking for a strong bike that you could trust and for your wife (my namesake :-)) a nice trendy bike, so that you could enjoy together. It was instant love at first sight when I showed you the I:sy and explained it. Vanessa also did a test drive with the Emma of Achielle and that smile on her face when she came back spoke volumes. I found the match for both of you and that's what makes me happy! Thanks for this review, this pleases all 3 of us. Greetings Vanessa & Jurgen & Olivier
Hilde Goossens
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"We have been satisfied customers for years. You're always kindly received there. They always assist you with advice and deeds. We are also satisfied with the "after sales" service. To the whole "team": thank you and good luck with the business!"
With a lot of fun done and a smile of course :-)! Thanks for this lovely review. Greetings Vanessa & Jurgen & Olivier
Witse Moulaert
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Wow today first real ride with santos cross light! super bike. Drives very smoothly and very agile. Thanks to belt and seam, you're buzzing across the road. Go and prepare him for a multi-day tour, that promises.
Super, we'd love to hear that! The Cross Lite by Santos is a real bijouke hey! Enjoy it and see you soon. Greetings Vanessa & Jurgen & Olivier
Roger Sieckelinck
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"My koga trekking bike, built in 2004, after 100000 km of cycling fun with "bikes Jurgen" converted into an electrically supported bike : system pendix (13 March 2020). I am extremely satisfied (31 July = 6000 km cycled) with the system pendix and my new home base for the maintenance of my bike. Friendly, helpful and skilled people."
This is great that its system like Pendix was developed and for you this was the best choice! Enjoy! :-)Thank you for this review. Greetings Vanessa & Jurgen & Olivier
Thomas Mollaert
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We are very satisfied with our electric e-bike from Santos. Never had a bike that bolted so well. Remarkably sturdy frame. Very good driving comfort. Great sitting position. 80 km cycled in the economical eco-mode at over 20 km/h. And all thanks to the intelligent and professionally practical approach and explanation of Jurgen Fietsen. Thank you Jurgen, Vanessa and Olivier.
What a super nice description of your Santos! Fat merci for this review. Greetings Vanessa & Jurgen & Olivier
Fleur De Boeck
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Top service, with a very good explanation when purchasing a new bike. The necessary time was allocated to get a bike to size. You're not a number here, but every customer gets special treatment.
I enjoyed putting together your Velo de Ville. It has become a real gem. Thanks for this lovely review. Greetings Vanessa & Jurgen & Olivier
Martine Timmermans
Martine Timmermans
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Perfect mix of professionalism, expertise and friendliness. 8 year old electric bike for maintenance done inside and with a virtually new come out. Cycling Jurgen, 'THE PLACE TO BE' !!
Super cool! Thanks for this fun review! Greetings Vanessa & Jurgen & Olivier

Different types of appointments


Who are you and what is the ideal bike for you? Over a cup of coffee, we listen to your wishes. We go into the types of bikes and make a quick simulation. So you can start thinking and dreaming. For an introduction, count for about 30 minutes.

Test drive

Which kind of bike suits you best? Test it yourself! Choose a bike from our workshop and take a ride nearby. We can recommend a lot of great routes in the area. With a GPS on the steering wheel, you can enjoy it even more.


Time to realize your dream! Together with you, we design your new bike on the computer. From configuration to accessories and the smallest details, we thoroughly review everything for a bike that’s perfect for you. This appointment lasts about an hour.

Live your most beautiful life, make your appointment now


We get these questions regularly …

Every cyclist is different, with their own physical, riding style, and lifestyle. Avid cyclists deserve the very best bike that suits them completely. With a standard bike, you always have to make a compromise, on a custom-built bike you choose which parts you want on it. So you have your unique personal bike for life.

The bike that suits you completely, of course! With your physique, your riding style, where and how you prefer to cycle. Everything turned to perfection, just the way you want it! We make the bike of your dreams your personal dream bike.

That depends on exactly how you want your bike, and which parts you want on it. Frame, drivetrain, saddle, brakes, lighting, accessories, … With motor or not. Every bicycle is different, so are the prices. There are custom-built bicycles for every budget: from 599 euros to 9,999 euros.

We like to make time for every customer. As a small team, we prefer to work as efficiently as possible. If you come by appointment, we will prepare this. We prepare fresh coffee for an introduction and prepare your bike for your test ride. You don’t have to wait unnecessarily in the store, so you save time.